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flexible packaging
flexible packaging manufacturer

We have a whole lot more to offer than just packaging...
Exceptional Quality, Cost Savings, and Product Consistency.

Think Packaging, Think us!

flexible packaging manufacturer

We have a whole lot more to offer than just packaging...
Exceptional Quality, Cost Savings, and Product Consistency.

Think Packaging, Think us!

Rotogravure Custom Printing
Quality Meets Affordability

10 colors state-of-the-art color-controlled rotogravure offers the highest color density and maximum print quality for large production runs.

More printing options for printing roll stocks, stand-up pouches, side gusset pouches, flat bottom pouches, spout pouches and other formats of converted flexible packaging.

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HP Indigo 20000 Digital Printing
Fast Turnaround & Low MOQ’s

Perfect solution for small or large brands requiring short-run jobs and fast turnaround time to go to market faster. Businesses of all sizes can launch a new brand of products, or a new product test run without having to invest in high MOQ’s, and high-cost tooling plates to compete with large brands.

Low MOQ’s (Short-run jobs)
No setup costs
Quick turnaround time

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100% Compostable Packaging
Do What is Right…

Protect the Earth with Sustainable Packaging.

We only use bio-based or fossil-based plastics that comply and meet CFIA / US FDA code regulations and standards for all our sustainable packaging. We can custom print and produce packaging pouches using PLA (Polylactic Acid Bio-based Plastic), Cellophane, or Kraft Paper making it 100% sustainable and food safe.

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Pouches are the number #1 choice for packaging food items and retail consumer products!

Stand-Up Pouch

All our pouches are made up of layers of barrier films laminated together designed for durability and maintaining the freshness of the product inside longer. It can stand vertically and neatly on a retail shelf.

Side Gusset Pouch

Side gusset pouch (Center Seal) has 4 sides; front and back panel for product branding, left and right panel called the side gusset for additional product information.

Quad Seal Pouch

Similar appearance as side gusset pouch; Quad seal pouch has seal on all four corners of the bag, rather than the back (Center Seal), this pouch offers 4 distinctive panels for product branding.

Flat Bottom Pouch

Completely flat bottom also known as “Box Pouches”, consist of 5 panels and 8 side seal. It can hold more weight compared to other bottom gusset seal pouches and side gusset pouches.

3-side Seal Pouch

3-side seal pouches are flat pouches with three sides sealed and one side is kept open for filling the content.

Pillow Pouch

Pillow pouches are the most widely used bag type with great preservation performance. They have one back-center seal, top seal, as well as a bottom seal that will keep the contained products safely packed.

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william William Fergusson

Top business to work with, real pros. The digital printing bags really help a lot with my business. Thank you again!

customer Robert Crammer

Best product quality. Well packed and delivered in a timely manner. Very happy with this order. Fast delivery and good service. Will order more from here!

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Sehr zuverlässiger Geschäftspartner.

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Since 2001, JIANGYIN HUAWEN FLEXIBLE PACKAGING GROUP CO, LTD., is one of China’s leading manufacturer of flexible packaging. With over 20 years of experience working with companies around the globe, we have a firm understanding of their needs and requirements. Our purpose is to offer packaging solutions, and most importantly ensure what we develop can support our partners with quality products, cost savings, and product consistency. We are certified by ISO900 1:2000 and China Quality Assurance. Our 16,000 square meter plant located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, is conveniently situated close to the Shanghai Port.